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Violet Velvet Recording Company isn't just a music and audio production company. We're here to help you create the high quality product your audience demands. We specialize in audio and web media for the 21st century, and for reasonable rates. So take a look around and let us know if you have any questions. Email us at info@violetvelvetrecording.com.


We are now officially open in St. Louis!!!! Need to record your next album? Been looking for a great place to produce your podcast? Maybe you need a couple songs mixed or mastered? We're super excited to help you with your project so
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The music industry has changed dramatically over the last 15 years. The Internet now allows any artist to share their work with the world. Figuring out how to cut through all of these artists is key to your success. Record labels are no longer signing musicians they have to develop; instead, they are signing artists that already have a large following, fully-developed and produced albums, videos, live shows, and merchandise. Even if music is just a hobby for you, join me here as I talk about some things you can do as a musician to advance your career.
Entry #1: Seriously?

Split the Skyline recently began recording their album with Brad.

Split the Skyline with Brad at Jupiter Studios

Brad just finished mixing Count Rugen's "Chapter 2". That killer record is coming soon!

Count Rugen

Look Ma, we're in Mix Magazine again! Check it out here.

The Lipstiks and Brad at Big River in Chicago.

Brad recorded the new Shift e.p. 100% live in the studio in just one day. We were having so much fun we forgot to take some photos, but here's them at one of their recent shows.

Shift live.

Mixing the Rendezvous live show in Chicago and this was the view. Not too shabby.

Downtown Chicago from Bridgeport Art Center.

Taken By The Sun snapped a couple photos of our session over the weekend. We got alot of great work done!

Taken By The Sun in studio.